Merchant Ship Design


ACT is a design office providing hull shape design by CFD to improve the resistance and propulsive performance.

Design by CFD

We design the hull shape of merchant ship superior in performance by use of the most advanced CFD. We have the longest design experience by CFD started in 1993 and We have lots of experiences and achievements in the merchant ship hull design. CFD can reduce the development cost and time evaluating various shapes before tank testing.

Analysis by CFD

We analyze various fluid dynamic problems by CFD applying the most appropriate code and structured or unstructured mesh for each problem. We can cope with complicated objects such as a hull with appendages. Our analysis and accuracy are based on our long-term experiences in the analysis and experiments.

Consulting on CFD and fluid dynamic issues

We provide the best solutions to the CFD and fluid dynamic problems through our knowledge on the mesh creations, CFD simulations, hull shape designs and many achievements on the solutions.

Support and education for the design by CFD

We support the system integration for the design by CFD developing and customizing design software and providing necessary trainings for effective usage.


We use the most advanced CFD codes exclusively developed for ship having been proved to have good accuracy compared with tank tests. The codes include SURF/NEPTUNE (NMRI code, RANS solver for steady and unsteady free surface flow), WisdamX (Tokyo University code, RANS solver for ship motions in waves), Flowpack (Osaka Pref. University code, RANS solver with multi-block mesh for steady free surface flow) and recently Fine/Mrine(NUMECA). We also collaborate with these institutes to keep the up-to-date new technologies.

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