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ParaFlow can simulate the flow around a parachute to evaluate the fluid dynamic forces acting on the surface. The dynamic deformation of the parachute is also achieved by FEM and the CFD and FEM iterations can be automatically conducted until the deformation has converged. The GUI is provided for the pre and post processes of the CFD in which the mesh is automatically created and the boundary conditions for the ventilation and the permeable areas are set easily on the view window. The results are also visualized in the post process functions.

Functions and features

  • The CFD is the RANS solver for the multi block mesh fitted to the parachute surface. The full-scale simulation can be conducted.
  • The parachute shape is expressed from the profile line data and the mesh is automatically created.
  • The ventilation and the permeable areas can be positioned by mouse clicking on the view window.
  • The information on the boundary conditions is automatically saved in a file for the CFD calculation.
  • The history of the forces acting on the parachute is shown in a graph.
  • The results of the CFD can be visualized and the velocity vectors, contours of pressure, velocity, vorticity and Lamb scalar are shown.
  • The condition files and the mesh for the FEM are also automatically created from the CFD results.
  • The FEM can treat specified material properties of the parachute and the control lines.
  • Loads can be applied on the edges of the parachute and the top.
  • The FEM results can be visualized and the deformation and the stress distribution are shown.
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