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The AutoDes/HullDes has been developed by ACT in collaboration with NMRI. The AutoDes/HullDes is the program to support the hull design by CFD. The principal functions are to read 3D NURBS surfaces data, to design new hulls by parametric changes, to create structured mesh and to execute CFD programs by support of GUI. The CFD codes, SURF and NEPTUNE developed by NMRI, are directly linked to this software. The process from the hull shape deformation to the CFD calculaton can be automatically executed in AutoDes, which enables the hull shape optimization by newly developed discretized SQP method.

Functions and features

The all processes from hull design, mesh generation to CFD execution can be controlled on the AutoDes/HullDes. The followings are the key features of the HullDes.

  • Reading of multiple NURBS hull surfaces in srf format(FastShip) or IGES format.
  • Hydrodynamic calculation of a ship.
  • Parametric hull changes (changes of principal particulars, Cp, LCB, Frame line, local shape etc) and output of the new surface into the srf/IGES file.
  • Automatic generation of O-H/O-O type structured mesh for CFD.
  • Mesh generation with the functions of free surface clustering and special treatments to transom stern.
  • Parallelized programs by OpenMP.
  • Direct CFD link.
  • Hull shape optimization by the automatic hull shape deformations and the discretized SQP method.
  • Overset grids generation is possible in AutoDes for a rudder, fins, stator fins, rudder fins and a duct.

The HullDes has been used in more than 20 ship building companies in Japan. Please feel free to contact to NMRI for the trial version and training.

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